Friday, November 2, 2012

Halloween 2012


I have the best family and dog (Marco is 6 months old) in the world!  This is our 11th or 12th (I have lost track) year in a row dressing up as a family theme for Halloween.  They really hate the thought of doing it each year but in the end they usually forgive me!  I let them go as whatever they want for Halloween night but they have to humor me for the church Trunk or Treat! Let me try to think of all the different things we have been and then I will search for pictures!  Ok here we go...Addams Family, Peter Pan, Star Wars, Nepoleon Dynamite, Simpsons, Scooby Doo, Alice and Wonderland, Wizard of Oz and Lego Family.  That wasn't in any order and I know there were more...I will search for pictures!

I love this picture of Rylee and Brinley!  Rylee is 10 years old here and Brinley is 6

Trying to connect our pieces!  Austin is 15 years and Jackson is 13

Trick or Treating at the neighbors.  We only have six neighbors so we have to go to another neighborhood to get a respectable loot!

Brinley was so funny in this costume!  She could barley walk so she only wore the arms and legs for a total of about 5 mins! I had to threaten her with her life because she didn't want to walk the 20 feet into the church...and I wasn't about to let our hard work go unseen!  It took a whole crew to get us all through the front door of the church!
She was smiling here!  Brian used a pickle bucket from Firehouse Subs for her head...yes it smelled like  pickles!

We didn't take Marco in the church so only a few people saw Marco...the funniest part of our costumes!

So there is a great story behind these pictures of me feeding my baby boy...and it all revolves around a morph suit!  A morph suit is a skin tight spandex body suit...which Austin was wearing.  Well, being a 15 year old boy, he wasn't about to parade around (for lack of a better word) assets in front of everyone at church!  So, for the whole two hours we were there...suffice it to say...the white lego piece kept his owner in tack!

Mommy and her girls

Brinley got by far the most candy of them all!  She was pretty proud of herself for hitting up each car at the Trunk or Treat at least three times!
                                                                                            Rylee making a candy angel!
Brynn's most exciting treasure of the night...two $1.00 bills!

Brian getting his "daddy tax"

Although it looks like Brinley made out like a bandit in full sizers...come to find out...she hit up our car 6 times!  She only got one other "golden find" from a house in a neighborhood!  Little thief!

Our Spooky House

Kid Party 2012

Each year I either do an adult party or a kids party...this year was a kids!

 I found these fun treats to make off Pinterest!
Everyone's favorite.....Jello shots! 

Rylee put this cute Red Riding Hood outfit together all by herself with my old prom dress!




Halloween 2009


This was by far the best picture of the night!  Rylee was ticked off the whole night because she wanted to be the "pretty one" which was Daphney...but we couldn't have a huge Fred and a tiny Daphney and a huge Velma now could we?  YES...we could have!!!  What kind of a mother am I for making my daughter be the ugly character and me the pretty one?  I don't think I will ever forgive myself for this one!

Jackson wasn't too pleased this Halloween either!  He kept saying all I am wearing is a green t-shirt! No one is going to know who I am!  He couldn't be more perfect for Shaggy with that hair!

ALICE AND WONDERLAND                           

Dumble Dee and Alice riding back to our neighborhood to grab something.  We trick or treated in Fox Run with the Durans.  The other picture is at Trunk or Treat...Brian and the boys didn't make it back from the Virgina Creeper bike ride...we went too but drove faster! 

I think this was 2009.  I did an adult halloween party at our house.  The theme was "famous couples"  Brian had way too much fun being was frightening!

  Stephanie Becker and I acted like paparazzi as the couples arrived and took pictures!  This party was so much fun!!!

These were just a few of the couples...I think we had at least 20 couples!

Brian and me at our 70's party I had at our house 2011!

BRINLEY 17 months

These were taken of Brinley on our front porch in New York.  Only a month before we moved to TN!